After many years of discussing what to change our collaboration name to, we have decided to be sensible and go with Robinson & McMahon. Delmonte was haphazardly conceived in the pub in our final month at art college as a temporary name. We had just made two paintings together which were being shown at our degree show. From that show we ended up being awarded the Vice Chancellor’s purchase prize which spurred us on and made us decide to carry on working collaboratively. Delmonte stuck and also became our own verb for how we worked. But with our practice developing it is time to change.

This month we have also moved our studio base from Bermondsey to Archway, North London. As usual where there is an artist hub, developers are moving in and we were forced to move out. We will miss the big sky, sunsets and London skyline views from the Bermondsey studio but not the lengthy travel time, and are expecting that a 10 minute walk from the house will lead to a productive year….